Am I Period Or Not: the Cliffs Notes Version


Site news April 19th 2004:

AIPON is gone. Therefore, despite having put time into finally updating, I'm scrapping and shutting down this site as well.

Kirrily Robert had this to say on the AIPON yahoogroup:

AIPON shutdown:

Hi all, I'm taking a break from SCA stuff from the summer, and since I don't really have the enthusiasm to keep maintaining AIPON and dealing with removal requests, I'm going to take it down tonight.

It's been fun, it's been crazy, and this mailing list has been one of the surprisingly cool offshoots of my silly idea that got out of hand. Thank you all for playing!

I will be setting myself "nomail" on the AIPON yahoogroup, but can still be contacted at my regular email address, katherine@e..., if you need me for any reason.

Yours, Katherine Rowberd (mka Kirrily Robert) administrator


If you are still hankering for authenticity discussion and peer review of your work on your kit, AND want a site where everyone is accountable for their words, I suggest you try MedCos, which is an online costuming research community run by Wendi Dunlap. I'm there, and we're especially needing folks who want to contribute mid- and early period stuff. It's a good place to be.

You will need to set up an account, but registering is free and easy to do.

See you there!

Maura Folsom

Lady Marguerie de Jauncourt in the SCA

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